Riser and Laterals System Product Range Installation



  • Significantly reduces installation time
  • Maintenance free
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Cost effective solution
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for various types of PE pipe including PE80 & PEX

WASK is a leading brand of Crane Building Services & Utilities, a UK manufacturer of valves and fittings for the gas and water utilities sector.

The WASK Riser & Lateral system comprises a range of dedicated corrosion resistant metal fittings, which can be attached to the outside wall of a building. Standard PE pipe connects to each fitting using the WASK site-assembled crimp joint to complete the system. The supply enters each dwelling through an outside wall by means of a WASK house entry tee or house entry elbow.

The PE pipe is protected against sunlight and mechanical damage by means of GRP sleeves retained in place by wall clips. The system is lightweight and does not require skilled welders or pipe-fitters to install. Costs of installing the WASK Riser & Lateral system show savings of around 50% compared to an all-steel system. The WASK crimp joint is fully approved to British Gas specification GIS/PL3.

The construction of a gas supply to a multi-occupancy building requires special consideration. Whilst the pipe work within each dwelling is the responsibility of the occupier, the communal pipe work presents particular problems.

Recommendations governing the construction of gas systems in multi-occupancy buildings are described in the British Institution of Gas Engineers' document IGE/G/5. The document describes both internal and external piping systems. Fitting the communal pipework to the outside of the building provides several advantages. Internal piping requires dedicated ducts, wall and floor seals and access for maintenance, particularly where the pipes pass through domestic areas. The IGE recommendations therefore permit distribution piping to be fitted outside the building.

WASK PE System Steel System


Subject Waste PE System Steel System
Rigidity Not as rigid as steel but highly flexible & resistant to leaks if de-mounted. Very rigid if bracketed correctly although will fracture easily if de-mounted.
Vandal Resistance Not as resistant as steel although bottom storeys can be completed in steel to eliminate problem. Highly resistant when new but decreases as corrosion sets in.
Installation Safety Can usually be installed using a ‘Cherry Picker’ which is safer to installers & public, as well as enabling a quicker operation. Almost always needs scaffolding which is more dangerous to installers & public. Potential security issues as installation is in place over more than one night
Maintenance Totally Maintenance free. May need painting during service life.
Resistance to Expansion Highly resistant as the PE pipe is flexible & the GRP, telescopic. No expansion joints necessary. In many cases will require expansion joints which are expensive & present a higher leakage risk.
Cathodic Protection No cathodic reaction as the PE carries no current. In most cases, will require insulation joints to protect against this.

Riser and Laterals System Product Range Installation