SINCE 1888


PECAT Joints Sold

Over 1,000,000

PECAT Joints Sold

of gas pipes connected

2250 Million Metres

of gas pipes connected

gas leaks fixed worldwide


gas leaks fixed worldwide

of gas transported a year

46,000 Million M³

of gas transported a year

Obsoletion of WASK MKI base spares

WASK hereby gives 90 days notice that from 1st September 2023 spares for WASK MKI bases will no longer be available and the WASK MKI base will therefore be fully obsolete.

Walter Slingsby

The History of WASK

WASK was founded in 1888 in Yorkshire, England by Walter A. Slingsby of Keighley, (hence the acronym WASK) and has gained a reputation as a leader in producing innovative, safe and cost effective pipe fittings & pipeline maintenance equipment solutions.

Teeset Drilling Machine

Imitation WASK Gas Equipment Products

Warning Note

Crane BS&U is aware that products purporting to be manufactured by WASK, including full kits, main structural castings and safety critical spares, are being offered for sale in the UK.

Case Study
WASK Valve Flange Adaptors

Gas to the West – Northern Ireland

The ‘Gas to the West’ pipeline, has bought natural gas to major towns in the western area of Northern Ireland. Representing an investment of over £250million, the ‘Gas to the West’ project is a partnership between SGN Natural Gas and Mutual Energy and has the potential to meet the energy needs of up to 40,000 homes and businesses across counties Fermanagh, Tyrone and Derry~Londonderry. Approximately 600kms of pipeline has been laid linking towns to the existing network and extending gas mains and services to these conurbations.

Gas to the West

Project Scope
WASK Valve Flange Adaptors for the 7 bar pipeline connections were supplied to SGN’s appointed contractor, Murphy/GMC. These renowned and long-established fittings provide a connection, with steel extension piece, from polyethylene to flanged pipes, valves and equipment. These fittings were specially designed to prevent the valve operating torque being transferred to the PE pipe during opening and closing. The design typically features both a 25mm (1”) pressure point and a 50mm (2”) purge point. The pressure point features a PN16 or ASA flange to match the main flange. This system, allows for accurate monitoring of mains pressure – especially useful in a situation where a section of main has to be shut-off for repairs. The flanged purge point facility permits the connection of a bypass to divert the gas flow around a section of main or across a valve, which may be necessary when carrying out repairs.

Sperryn Gas Controls

Sperryn Gas Controls

Together with WASK, Sperryn is a market leading supplier of ‘Mains to Meter’ gas solutions.

Sperryn has been at the forefront of the international gas industry since 1889, giving the company over 100 years of experience.

As a leading brand of Crane Building Services & Utilities, Sperryn is a well-established manufacturer of gas controls, including regulators, emergency control valves and meter kits.