Single Hole Bagging

A natural evolution of the renowned, light weight Teeset 312 bagging equipment.

Works with existing WASK Teeset bases and ancillary equipment in the field.

  • Consumable cost savings with fewer entry points
  • Reduced excavation footprint

    Delivering both operational cost savings and environmental benefits with less waste material having to be re-cycled

  • Incorporates MKII base with safety & reduced maintenance benefits

WASK Single Hole Flow Stopping Kit ensures gas mains repair and replacement can be undertaken more safely and efficiently:

Less man time in trench due to fewer entry points required:

Five points of entry required instead of six for a normal 312 operation

  • One less base to mount and test
  • One less hole to drill and tap

Only four need to be tapped and subsequently plugged

  • Only using four EMID completion plugs

Rapid exchange of bags with pre-prepared bag tube assembly

Interlock pressure point guarantees by-pass open at both ends, thereby ensuring critical supply continuity around the flow stop

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Component Map

Detailed view of the components that comprise the WASK Single Hole Twin Bag kit.

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