FlexLock® Flange Adaptors

CT Series

The FlexLock system provides a self-anchoring method of joining ductile iron or steel pipes and offers a cost effective, quick and simple alternative to traditional anchoring systems such as site welding, harnessing or thrust blocks.
Extensive range is available in sizes DN50 - DN300

Cost effective – FlexLock can provide significant cost savings compared to non-locking couplings with a harnessing system.

Restrains pressure thrusts without thrust blocks at bends.

Convert cut lengths of pipe into flanged pipes – allows use of pipe offcuts.

For gas applications a working pressure of 6 bar can be achieved.

Flange Adaptor Body Options:
Ductile Iron to BS EN 1563 EN-GJS-450-10
Mild Steel to: BS EN 10025: Grade S275
Gasket: EPDM compound Grade E to BS EN 681-1
Nitrile compound Grade ‘G’ to BS EN 682-1

FlexLock permits angular deflection between pipes, allowing for normal pipeline movement such as ground settlement. Long radius curves can also be accommodated, reducing the need for special fittings. FlexLock couplings allow for a total angular deflection of ±6° (±3° for flange adaptors).

The ability to provide angular deflection in ANY plane is a particular advantage – a harness assembly can provide angular deflection only in ONE plane.

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Part Number Nominal Size (mm) Nominal Size (inches) Flange Flange Type Steel Ø Min. Enquiry
CT2900 50 2" 50 PN10/16 60.3
CT2915 65 2 1/2" 65 PN10/16 76.1
CT2901 80 3" 80 PN10/16 88.9
CT2902 100 4" 100 PN10/16 114.3
CT2903 150 6" 150 PN10/16 165.1
CT2904 150 6" 150 PN10/16 168.3
CT2905 200 8" 200 PN16 219.1
CT2913 250 10" 250 PN10/16 273
CT2914 300 12" 300 PN10/16 323.9