Hydrant Wizard

An easy to use, self-contained and powered solution to stopping flow in a pipe supplying a Type 1 or Type 2 Fire Hydrant or Washout

WASK 4“ Hydrant Wizard equipment is designed to stop water flow in 3” (80mm) and 4“ (100mm) nominal bore pipes with minimal disruption to the main system.

The Hydrant Wizard can be used to isolate the pipe for repair, alterations and renovation and is suitable for most pipe materials including Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, PVC, and Asbestos-Cement via a specific pipe saddle fitting.

The system involves using an inflatable bag inserted into the pipe with the supplied launch equipment through a small diameter access hole. The bag is then inflated by means of water pressure in the mains, through a specially designed pressurisation unit.

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Hydrant Wizard Kit

Hydrant Wizard


Hydrant Wizard

Key Features & Benefits

  • Only the hydrant is isolated; the flow in the main is not interrupted.

  • The small diameter access hole does not compromise the integrity of the pipe. The only consumable is a small plate valve which remains on the hydrant leg.

  • No independent power source is required.

  • Excavation is restricted to the area around the hydrant minimising the cost of labour and materials.

  • Supplies to customers and water quality are unaffected throughout the operation. Sediment in the main is not disturbed and flow is uninterrupted.

  • The equipment is compact and lightweight and can be used in confined areas.

WASK Hydrant Wizard Assembly
WASK Hydrant Wizard Cross-Section

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