MaxiFit® Couplings

CT Series

MaxiFit Couplings easily transition between various pipe materials, making a simple, permanent and reliable repair.
Extensive range is available in sizes DN50 - DN300

Design life expectancy of 50 years, established by rigorous ‘Accelerated Age Testing’ which subjects product to working pressure at 80°C for 1000 hours.

Wide tolerances permit lower stock holding

A rigorous bolt torque test is completed to confirm that the bolt, end ring and adaptor bosy are capable of withstanding bolt over-tightening to 1.5 times maximum recommended torque

Main body: Ductile Iron to BS EN 1563 Symbol EN GJS-450-10
Gasket: EPDM compound Grade E to BS EN 681-1, Type WA, WC
Nitrile compound to Grade G BS EN 682, Type G

Captive, non-rotating bolt heads require just a torque wrench to install.

All models accommodate angularity between pipes which allows for normal pipeline movement caused by ground settlement. Couplings and reducing couplings allowing for 6° total angular deflection (3° total on the flange adaptors)

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Part Number Nominal Size (mm) Nominal Size (inches) Ø Range Min Ø Range Max Enquiry
CT2400 50 2" 57 74
CT2410 65 2 1/2" 63 85
CT2401 80 3" 85 107
CT2402 100 4" 107 132
CT2416 125 5" 132 158
CT2403 150 6" 158 184
CT2417 175 7" 189 212
CT2418 200 8" 218 244
CT2419 225 9" 243 269
CT2420 250 10" 266 295
CT2421 300 12" 315 349