Pressure Drilling Saddles

AA Series

Provides a reinforcing Saddle fitting to allow the threading of metallic gas mains with thin walls or for non-metallic gas mains to enable installation of EMID closure plugs.
Comprising a low profile 2-part Saddle and Strap with a rubber Gasket to make a gas tight seal between the Saddle and surface of the main. Under pressure drilling machines can be mounted over the Saddle boss to enable drilling and tapping operations to be completed.

Saddle and Strap: Malleable Iron or SG Iron
Gasket: NBR Rubber
Fasteners: Steel
Corrosion protection: Rilsan Nylon

For site installation prior to using gas under pressure drilling machines conforming to GIS/E1 specification such as WASK Teeset®. The Gasket should be located below the boss on the Saddle and the fasteners tightened down evenly.

M12 Fasteners – Torque to 55-65 Nm.

Fasteners must have an approved site corrosion protection system applied after installation.

Aligned to the GIS/F2 requirements.

Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) = 2.0 Bar.

Available in 2 ranges of specific sizes for Cast Iron/Asbestos Cement and Steel/PVC in nominal diameters from 2″ to 12″.

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Part Number Size Type O/D Enquiry
AA0016 2" St/PVC 60.3
AA0017 3" St/PVC 88.9
AA0019 4" St/PVC 114.3
AA0020 6" St/PVC 168.3
AA0022 8" St/PVC 219.1
AA0023 10" St/PVC 273.0
AA0029 12" St/PVC 323.9
AA0024 3" CI/AC 95.5
AA0025 4" CI/AC 121.9
AA0026 5" CI/AC 149.9
AA0027 6" CI/AC 177.3
AA0028 8" CI/AC 323.2
AA0030 9" CI/AC 259.1