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We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about WASK and our products.

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Walter A Slingsby of Keighley who founded the company in 1888

PolyEthylene Coupling And Transition

Crimp – Service pipe sizes for on-site assembly.

PECAT – Mains pipe sizes, factory assembled with PE pipe stub.

This is the UK Gas Industry Standard for Self Anchoring Mechanical Fittings for Polyethylene Pipe for Natural Gas and Suitable Manufactured Gas

This means that the joint is stronger than the PE pipe when an axial load is applied which tries to separate the parts. In simple terms the PE pipe will break before the mechanical joint will let go of the pipe

The SDR rating is the “Standard Dimensional Ratio” and refers to the geometry of the pipe and is a method of rating a pipe’s durability against pressure. SDR is defined as the ratio of the nominal outside diameter to the nominal wall thickness.

Maximum Operating Pressure is dependent on PE diameter, PE type and SDR rating. Please refer to GIS/PL2-2:2016 Table B1 for details

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