EasiClamp® Gas Repair Clamps

CT Series

A mechanical 2-part split clamp for the repair of damaged or leaking iron gas pipes for underground installations only.
Comprising coated, ductile iron housings with special rubber waffle gaskets to produce an easy to install high strength Repair Clamp. The Clamp has a wide diameter tolerance and can accommodate angular misalignment up to 4°.

  • Housing: SG Iron
  • Waffle Gasket: NBR rubber
  • Fasteners: Steel, Sheraplex coated
  • Corrosion protection: Rilsan Nylon coating

The EasiClamp can be assembled using conventional hand tools and should be installed following the instructions for pipe preparation, cleaning and the tightening of fasteners included with the product.

M16 Fasteners – Torque to 95 Nm.

Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) = 2.0 Bar.

Complies with gas industry specification GIS/LC8-4:2006.

Available in sizes from 80mm (3″) to 150mm (6″).

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Part Number Size Min. Diameter Range Max. Diameter Range Enquiry
CT2800 DN80 (3") 85.4mm 103.0mm
CT2801 DN100 (4") 111.8mm 129.4mm
CT2802 DN150 (6") 165.2mm 184.8mm