Side Service Tee

BJ Series

Provides a horizontal PE service pipe connection to a metallic gas main which has been drilled and tapped with a parallel BSP thread. Used when depth of ground cover does not allow use of a Top Service Tee – BF Series.
Comprising a Tee Body compatible with site tapped parallel threads to BS21 (Rp) specification, the fitting has an internal Stopper Plug to allow it to be installed under pressure. The fitting has a shaped Washer to compress the rubber Gasket to make a gas tight seal between the Body and surface of the main. The outlet uses a Crimp joint to connect to the PE service pipe. Suitable for low and medium pressure gas mains.

Body and Cap: Malleable Iron or SG Iron.
Washer & Back Nut: Malleable Iron or SG Iron.
Gasket & Seals: NBR Rubber.
Anti-Shear Bush: EPDM Rubber
Crimp Ring: Copper – annealed.
Insulation Washer & Stopper: Engineering plastic.
Corrosion protection: Light oil film – must be site protected.

Crimp Side Service Tees are supplied suitable for site installation using gas under pressure drilling machines conforming to GIS/E1 specification such as WASK Teeset® with the special Fitting Spindle EA0240. The EMID joint should be installed following the instructions for the alignment and tightening of the Back Nut included with the product. The Crimp joint should be installed using the correct WASK Crimp tool. PE anti-shear sleeves should be fitted before making final connection. The internal Stopper Plug can be operated using the WASK tool BE0034. Fittings must have an approved site corrosion protection system applied after installation and pressure testing.

Meets GIS/F2:2013 & GIS/PL3:2014 requirements, BSI Kite Mark accredited – KM611750 & KM587336.

Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) = 2.0 Bar.

Available in sizes from 20mm to 32mm with threads ¾” BSP or 1” BSP, with special parallel BS21:1985 (Rs) thread form for use on gas mains up to 42” nominal diameter.

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Part Number PE Size Ø PE Size SDR PE Size Grade EMID Inlet Size EMID Inlet Type Finish Enquiry
BJ0014 20 9 PE80 1" MBSP BLACK
BJ0015 25 11 PE80 1" MBSP BLACK
BJ0016 32 11 PE80 1" MBSP BLACK
BJ0017 20 9 PE80 3/4" MBSP BLACK
BJ0018 25 11 PE80 3/4" MBSP BLACK
BJ0019 32 11 PE80 3/4" MBSP BLACK



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