PECAT® Building Entry Tees

AK Series

Provides a high strength transition fitting for connecting polyethylene gas pipe to a building via a steel 90° elbow and through wall pipe for an above ground connection.
Comprising a PECAT® mechanical joint, factory assembled with straight length of PE pipe with a GRP protective cover sleeve, a shut off stopper valve and a through wall steel outlet with tight fit PE cover terminating with a corresponding BSPT thread or plain ended tube for welding.

Body, Sleeve, Cap & Stopper: Steel.
Outlet pipe cover: PE.
Inlet pipe: PE to GIS/PL2-2.
PE Cover tube: GRP
GRP Cover Support  & Wall Seal: EPDM Rubber.
O-Ring: NBR Rubber.
Corrosion protection: Zinc & Polyester coating.

Building Entry Tees are supplied suitable for site jointing by electro fusion only. Adjustment to entry height can be made by cutting PE & GRP tubes on site, no adjustment to through wall length is possible, see table below for available options. Operation of the Stopper can be made using WASK tool, part code BE0128.

Please refer to the PE fitting manufacturer’s instructions for details on electro fusion welding procedures.

Meets GIS/PL3:2014 requirements, BSI Kite Mark accredited – KM535530.

Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) = 2.0 Bar.

63mm SDR11 x 2” (DN50), threaded BSPT or plain for welding.

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Part Number PE Size Ø PE Size SDR PE Size Grade Outlet Size Outlet Type Length PE Pup Length GRP Cover Length Coating Type Coating Colour Enquiry
AK2000 63 11 PE80 2" MBSPT 150 1.0 0.9 STD GREY
AK2001 63 11 PE80 2" MBSPT 345 1.0 0.9 STD GREY
AK2002 63 11 PE80 2" MBSPT 500 1.0 0.9 STD GREY
AK2003 63 11 PE80 2" MBSPT 610 1.0 0.9 STD GREY
AK2004 63 11 PE80 2" WELD 610 1.0 0.9 STD GREY
AK2005 63 11 PE80 2" MBSPT 1000 1.0 0.9 STD GREY
AK2006 63 11 PE80 2" WELD 1100 1.0 0.9 STD GREY
AK2007 63 11 PE80 2" WELD 1300 1.0 0.9 STD GREY
AK2008 63 11 PE80 2" MBSPT 500 3.0 2.9 STD GREY
AK2009 63 11 PE80 2" MBSPT 610 4.0 3.9 STD GREY
AK2010 63 11 PE80 2" WELD 550 1.0 0.9 HDB BLACK