Electro Fusion Saddles

AC Series

A PE fitting for connecting a polyethylene gas main to WASK Teeset® drilling equipment to enable flow stopping, bypass, purging and other under pressure operations via a 56mm hole cut in a pressurised gas main.
Comprising a size specific, 40V electrofusion, top loading Saddle fitting complete with closure Cap and Expanding Stopper compatible with Teeset PE drilling and fitting equipment. They have standard 4.7mm connection terminals.

Body: PE80 – GIS/PL2-1.
Cap: PE80.
O-Ring: NBR Rubber.
Plug: Steel.
Pipe Seal: NBR Rubber

Saddles are supplied suitable for site jointing by electro fusion method using an approved GIS/PL2-5 top loading clamp tool. They are bar coded and have common welding parameters across the whole size range, please refer to the PE fusion control box and your company codes of practice for details on the electro fusion welding procedure.

Meets GIS/PL2-4:2014 requirements, BSI Kite Mark accredited – KM650039.

Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) = 2.0 Bar.

90mm SDR11 to 400mm SDR21 – CLASS B.

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Part Number Size Type Enquiry
AC0293 90 312
AC0295 110 312
AC0294 125 312
AC0329 160 312
AC0152 180 312
AC0292 225 312
AC0153 250 312
AC0320 280 312
AC0154 315 312
AC0289 355 312
AC0290 400 312
AC0332 90 C&V
AC0334 125 C&V
AC0336 180 C&V
AC0338 250 C&V
AC0215 180 PURGE
AC0216 250 PURGE
AC0217 315 PURGE