Mains Fittings

WASK is market leader in the supply of specialist mains distribution fittings for the global gas distribution market.
WASK’s range of mains fittings provide high strength transitions for connecting various gas pipe materials, with a particular expertise in PE to metal transition fittings.


A mechanical 2-part split clamp for the repair of damaged or leaking iron gas pipes for underground installations only.


The Flexlock system provides a self-anchoring method of joining ductile iron or steel pipes.


MaxiFit universal pipe couplings and adaptors are designed to accommodate plain ended pipes with different outside diameters.

PECAT® Joints

Provides a high strength transition joint for connecting polyethylene pipe to flanged pipes, plain ended pipes, valves and equipment.


Provides a closure or completion plug for metallic gas pipes which have been drilled and tapped with a parallel BSP thread.


Provides a mechanical polyethylene service pipe connection from a steel gas pipe without the need to weld or drill.