Service Head Adaptors

AZ Series

Provides a fire resistant PE service termination connection to an existing steel gas service within a building which has been renewed by the insertion of a new PE service pipe.
Two styles of fitting are available, comprising a Body connected to the steel inlet pipe by either a Female BSPT thread or a FlexGrip® compression joint, a second compression Olive joint within the body connects to the PE pipe and a third outlet thread joint connects to the ECV. The fitting has twin ports for grouting and venting during installation. Suitable for low and medium pressure gas mains.

Body, Plugs & Nut: Malleable Iron or SG Iron.
Outlet Nipple & Insert Stiffener: Steel.
Gasket: NBR Rubber.
Grip Ring & Washer: Steel
Compression Olive: Brass.
Grouting Nipple: Engineering plastic.
Corrosion protection: Light oil film.

WASK Service Head Adaptor are supplied suitable for site installation using conventional spanners or pipe wrenches. The Body should be installed first followed by the PE compression joint which is made by tightening the outlet Nipple on to the Olive and once complete the ECV can be installed and pressure testing carried out. After passing pressure test the old pipe can be grouted and the side ports sealed with the plugs provided. Full instructions are supplied with each fitting.

Meets GIS/PL3:2014 requirements, BSI Kite Mark accredited – KM638820.

Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) = 2.0 Bar

Available in sizes from 16mm to 32mm with female threads from ¾” BSPT to 2” BSPT or FlexGrip® compression fittings from 1” to 2” nominal bore steel. Outlets are male BSPT ¾” or 1”

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Part Number PE Size Outlet Connection Type Size PE Type Enquiry
AZ0002C 16 3/4" Female BSPT 3/4" PE80/7
AZ0004C 16 3/4" Female BSPT 1" PE80/7
AZ0001C 16 3/4" Flexgrip 3/4" PE80/7
AZ0003C 16 3/4" Flexgrip 1" PE80/7
AZ0006C 20 3/4" Female BSPT 1" PE80/9
AZ0015C 20 3/4" Female BSPT 1 1/4" PE80/9
AZ0005C 20 3/4" Flexgrip 1" PE80/9
AZ0008C 25 3/4" Female BSPT 1 1/4" PE80/11
AZ0014C 25 3/4" Female BSPT 1 1/2" PE80/11
AZ0007C 25 3/4" Flexgrip 1 1/4" PE80/11
AZ0009C 32 3/4" Female BSPT 1 1/2" PE80/11
AZ0018C 32 3/4" Female BSPT 2" PE80/11
AZ0010C 32 1" Female BSPT 1 1/2" PE80/11
AZ0013C 32 1" Female BSPT 2" PE80/11
AZ0016C 32 1" Flexgrip 1 1/2" PE80/11
AZ0017C 32 1" Flexgrip 2" PE80/11




Installation & Operation Instructions