An easy to use, self-contained and powered solution to line stop a water main

WASK Aquastop equipment is designed to stop water flow in 3” (80mm) to 8“ (200mm) nominal bore pipes with minimal disruption to the main system.

Our Advantages

  • Isolate a discrete section of the pipe

    Allowing for repair, alterations and renovation

  • Suitable for most pipe materials

    Including cast iron, ductile iron, steel, PVC, PE & asbestos cement

  • Can be used on either single or double ended flow stopping operations

WASK Aquastop in-situ

No Supply Interruption

Minimizes impact on systems and customers who would normally have the water supply interrupted during these types of operations

Easy To Use

A light-weight, easy to use machine that can be used on a variety of pipe materials


The system involves using an inflatable bag inserted into the pipe bore with the supplied launch equipment through a small diameter access hole. The bags are then inflated by means of water pressure from the mains, through specially designed pressurisation units connected to the Bypass Standpipes.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight and compact, resulting in ease and speed of handling and ability to work in spaces with restricted access including vertical pipework.

  • The ability to localise a repair ensures minimum disruption to customers. The distance between isolation valves may be long and the number of customers deprived of water can be considerable.

  • Small diameter access holes result in reduced costs of consumables, cutters and closure fittings as well as allowing quicker installation over conventional methods.

  • Use of bypass allows minimum or no interruption to supply across stop off on single fed mains.

IWEX Winner
  • Automatic, pressure balanced headwork means that the effort required to launch and inflate the bags remains low even with increasing or fluctuating pressures, allowing the operator to concentrate on the repair or maintenance work.

  • Equipment is easily sterilised before each use and is made from non-corroding materials. Single-use Hydra-bags are sterilised at the factory minimising the risk of contamination.

  • Bags are inflated utilising the water pressure from the main. No additional power source is required for operation of the unit. The danger of over or under inflating the bags is eliminated.

  • Design is based on proven products and technology. WASK have been supplying gas flow stopping equipment throughout the world for many years.

WASK & Sarco – Reducing Water Loss & Service Outages