WASK Teeset

The Teeset drilling and tapping machine together with the bagging and By-pass system provide a robust and safe means of maintaining and extending live gas mains.

The machine will also fit ancillaries such as plugs, bushes, side entry tees, standpipes, bag pipes, main spraying heads etc, under no gas conditions.

Teeset Drilling Machine

  • Allows for the drilling & tapping of gas main pipes

    The Teeset Drilling Machine allows for the drilling and tapping of gas main pipes in the same manner as a central action drill stand but by the addition of a simple sliding gate valve in the base of the machine, allows up to 1” equal top entry service tees and 2” nipples for two part service tees to British Gas Specification PS/F2 to be fitted safely to live mains without loss of gas.

  • Pressures up to 2 Bar

    The machine is suitable for use at pressures up to 2 bar (30 psi), and will fit mains from 80 to 300 mm (3” to 12”) as supplied.

  • Ancillaries

    The machine will also fit ancillaries such as plugs, bushes, side entry tees, standpipes, bag pipes, main spraying heads etc. under no gas conditions.

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Teeset Drilling Machine

Teeset Bagging Equipment

  • Flow Stopping

    The Bagging-off Equipment utilises the base of the Teeset Drilling Machine to provide a safe and comprehensive method of flow-stopping polyethylene (90mm to 400mm), ferrous 3” to 16” cast iron, 80mm to 400mm ductile iron and PVC (125mm to 400mm) live gas mains under gas free working conditions.

  • Base Mounting

    The Bagpipe equipment comprises a Canopy enclosing the Bagtube which is mounted on the Teeset base, enabling a Stopper Bag to be inserted through a tapping into the main and inflated to stop the flow of gas.

  • Fittings

    Sets of interchangeable Noses and Shoes permit the Stopper Bag to be correctly positioned relative to the centre line of the main.

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Teeset Bagging Equipment

Teeset By-Pass Equipment

  • Temporary Diversion

    By utilising the base of the Teeset Drilling Machine, this equipment enables a temporary flow of gas to be provided around a section of polyethylene or ferrous main which is undergoing maintenance or repair.

  • Kit Form

    Supplied in kit form, the equipment provides the means to connect up to a full bore 3” bypass around a mains maintenance operation subject to the maximum size of drilled and tapped hole allowed by regulations. The pressure limitation is 2 bar with rigid bypass, rated with that of the Drilling Machine. Flexible “Riders” are available for low pressure applications.

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Teeset By-Pass Equipment

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