Crimp Tool

WASK has updated the range of CRIMP tools. Based on the operators that are using our tool every day, we have identified how the WASK CRIMP tools can be better and easier to use.
We have redesigned the handle to make the tool more comfortable to use when working in tight spaces. By allowing, the handle to move over the screw you can now work more comfortably. We are sending the new tool care & maintenance sheet so you can have further information about it.

  1. The crimp tool is specifically designed for use with the WASK jointing system on PE80 pipe only. It must not be used for any other application.
  2. The correct sized crimp tool must be used to suit the polyethylene pipe being connected.
  3. Do not use handle extensions on the crimp tool. Inspect the crimp tool for signs of wear, the jaws are clean and make sure the mating faces close completely prior to use.
  4. Do not store the crimp tool wet.
  5. If the crimp tool shows signs of damage which would affect the joint strength or personal injury – DO NOT USE.

It is important to check your crimp tool at frequent intervals for signs of damage and wear which may affect the joint performance and safe use.

The maximum force required to make a crimp will be sufficient to close the anvils located at the front of the tool. No further tightening is required. When the anvils are closed and gaps are present between the mating surfaces, then wear or damaged jaws due to over straining is likely.


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